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Bullying in any form is strictly prohibited inside or outside the school premises and no such act will go unnoticed or unpunished” 


This Cyber Safety Policy of Tagore International School East of Kailash, explains the desired Student Code of Conduct. This policy is to engage all students, teaching and non-teaching staff   and parents in an effort against cyber bullying, as part of the moral and administrative fabric of the school.

 Our school has an obligation to provide a safe, secure and caring environment. We maintain a zero tolerance policy towards bullying of students and staff, either using technology or otherwise.


  • Cyber safety refers to safe and desirable practices in online environments and in the use of electronic and ICT equipment devices.
  • ICT Equipment/devices include, but is not limited to, computers, laptops, tablets, storage devices, cameras, all types of mobile phones, video and audio players/receivers, social networking sites, and any other technologies as they come into use.
  • Cyber Bullying involves the unwanted use of electronic equipment devices to harass and cause discomfort to other members of the school community.


Being involved in online spaces requires students to behave responsibly - for themselves and others. This includes:

  • appropriate use of language
  • upholding democratic values
  • respect for diversity and equality
  • respect for privacy and dignity of others
  • no violation of the human rights
  • not visit any in-appropriate sites
  • respect for people's property (e.g. copyright)


  • protecting their own privacy and personal information
  • selecting appropriate spaces to work and contribute
  • protecting the privacy of others (this can be sharing personal information or images)
  • being proactive in letting a parent/ guardian or teacher know if something is 'not quite right'

These principles of safety and responsibility apply to Internet and social media use at home and at school.



  • make students aware of the benefits and risks of using ICT.
  • integrate cyber safety education into the curriculum with other school safety issues.
  • promote staff awareness of their professional responsibilities for students’ well-being in the area of cyber safety.
  • provide information to parents through information on school website , SMS newsletter, website, posters and workshops.


  • sign an agreement to abide by the school's cyber safety policy that aims to prevent bullying and harassment.
  • ensure that all material being accessed on the internet is appropriate.
  • seek clarification about accessing websites or other sources of information where they may be unsure of content.
  • ensure that their communication with other students, staff members and community members does not result in personal harassment , vilification or attack. This includes, but is not limited to, written words and the posting of images.
  • ensure that they do not log in using a fake identity.
  • report any communications which are inappropriate, to parent/guardians or a teacher, when ICT equipment devices are used out of school time.


  • explain the “internet use permission form” to their ward/s.
  • support the school in encouraging responsible use of ICT equipment/devices by their ward.


Ø  If a student is found to be involved in any misconduct, it will be considered as an informed decision / choice made by the student to engage in such activity. It will NOT be considered as a mistake.  Following action will be taken in such situations:
  • Oral/written warning.
  • Suspension from attending classes/school for a specified period.
  • Withholding or cancelling the result.
  • Expulsion/rustication from school in extreme cases.

 This policy will be reviewed annually.


Mallika Preman




Class: XI (2020-2021)


April 2020  


Dear Parent

Greetings from TIS, EoK!

We sincerely hope that you are safe and are staying indoors. It has been a long time since we have had an interaction with you. Had we been living in normal circumstances, things would've been different. As was planned, school would have reopened for your ward on the 7th of April 2020. But as we struggle to come to terms with these circumstances where a pandemic of this magnitude has derailed the best of planning in the whole world, we are looking for ways and means to minimize the academic loss for our students.

With this intent, we are proceeding ahead with the academic session for Class XI from Monday, 20 April 2020.

Your ward has been allotted a stream/subjects as per her/his eligibility for it keeping in mind the Pre-board result and the internal assessments. We reiterate that if your ward gets the required marks as per the eligibility criteria when the CBSE Board result is declared, we will look into requests for changes, subject to availability of seats.

One of our best practices in the past years has been that of extending an opportunity to students to explore Science, Commerce and Humanities streams as per their eligibility to know the finer nuances of the subjects. So the plan for the first two days of Class XI is a 'Virtual Walk into a Classroom'. The teachers will be happy to take their queries.

The plan is as follows:

Also note that students can opt for the sixth subject once the school reopens for the session. They will be permitted to take the sixth subject only on the following conditions:

  • They will have to study the subject on their own. There will be no classes conducted for the sixth subject.
  • Students will have to appear for the half yearly and final examination in the sixth subject. Schedule for the same will be shared with students along with the Mid term exam and End Term Examination.
  • Students will have to secure a passing grade in these exams to be eligible to continue with the same in class XII.

We sincerely hope that the endeavour of the school to bring a better understanding of subjects for which your ward is eligible and 'A Virtual Walk into a Classroom' will be a fruitful exercise for your ward to discover her/his calling.


(Mallika Preman)




Classes: Nursery - XII


April 2020


Dear Parent

We hope that you and your family are safe and coping well during this period of lockdown.

This is a very challenging time for all of us; we have to ensure that the students do not miss out on their academics, and on the other hand you are also getting an opportunity to engage with your children and spend quality time with them. This is a new experience for all of us - I would like to call it a ‘New Normal’.

You have already received the detailed circular about our academic plan during this lockdown period. I would like to further bring to your notice the following points:


  • For classes VI to XII - Our faculty of the senior school has remained in contact with their students through online classes. Students are also being given online assessments, and based on the results of these assessments teachers are conducting remedial classes too. We have received appreciation from many of you, and it is indeed a matter of pride for us that the students are benefitting from these classes.
  • For classes I to V - Our teachers of junior school have been sending study material, links of videos, and their recorded lessons along with regular exercise schedule prepared by our sports department. The students are given skill-based assessments – cognitive, creative, and scientific and thinking skill tasks, prepared by the teachers. Students and parents have appreciated the efforts of the teachers and have been sending appreciation emails.


  • Recognizing that the students must be having time on their hands at present, and especially to keep them engaged over the weekend, very soon students of Classes VI to VIII will be given Activity sheets (on Fridays). They will be fun exercises to test them on General Awareness, Creativity, Vocabulary, and Numeracy skills.
  • Besides conducting academic activities, school has also started participating in various inter-school events. Our students of classes VI to VIII participated in an online debate competition organized by UNESCO and Brainwiz. Zaid Sidiqui of class VI D qualified for the finals.
  • Our students of class XI participated in a quiz competition, and Shoptik Roy and Lakshika Khurana of class XI, and Dhruv Kaushik Thakker of class X, qualified for the finals of Quizinteen.
  • Students have also been engaged in creating various awareness videos, which has got appreciation from various forums. You may check the school’s social media handles ( & Tagore International School East of Kailash Facebook page, and school you tube link) to see the videos.
  • Many students of class XI have registered for an orientation course on Non Violent Communication, organised by Gandhi Smrit & tGelf, which is the need of the hour. Students of classes X to XII also have been sent information about online internship by MIT and Harvard University.
  • Our teachers have been attending various online workshops on puppetry, mathematical skills and other skill enhancement programmes.
  • We have also designed many inter-class, inter-house and inter-school activities which will be rolled out in the first week of May. In fact, the Inter House Activities for Classes VI to XII have already been put up on the Google groups and dates for the online competitions shared with the students. We expect a hearty participation. This is to give students a platform to learn from each other, besides showcasing their talents.

At the end, I would like to thank you parents for your continued support. Your letters of appreciation have helped our staff stay motivated during these challenging times. We have realized the value of technology as an important tool to stay connected with our students and will make constructive use of it in future too.

We look forward to more fruitful interactions and feedback from you.

Glimpses of our online teaching

Stay Safe !

(Mallika Preman)


Classes: Nursery - XII


March 2020  


Dear parents,

You are aware that w.e.f Tuesday, 24 March 2020, the Government of India has issued directives for a complete lockdown of all states for 21 days. Keeping in view the above, kindly note the following:


  1. Classes X and XII
Online classes will go on as scheduled.  The time table for the online classes will be shared with the students by the class teachers.
There will be no classes on gazetted holidays.
  1. Class XI

The date for re-opening of the school, as well as all formalities associated with class XI admissions for the session 2020-21 will  be notified, subject to further orders and directives issued by the Government.

  1. Class IX
Online classes will commence from Tuesday, 07 April 2020. Time- table and other details for the online classes will be shared by the class teachers with the students on Wednesday, 01 April 2020.
There will be no classes on gazetted holidays.
  1. Classes VII & VIII
Study schedule  for classes VII and VIII, effective from Tuesday, 07 April 2020, will be shared by the class teachers with the parents on Wednesday, 01 April 2020.  The daily schedule this shared, will include recorded lessons by the teachers, suggested online resources & links along with relevant and interesting assignments.
There will be no classes on gazetted holidays.
  1. Classes I to VI

We are in process of devising a skill based curriculum for our students. The class and subject teachers will be sharing recorded lessons, some interesting activities and projects with the parents to make learning fun and keep students productively engaged.  We will implement the same from Tuesday, 07 April 2020.

  1. Nursery and KG

Parents are advised to help their children to do some simple activities to enhance their communication skills along with art/ craft activities. They can also explore virtual visits of museums, monuments and the zoo.  There is a large repository of these resources available online and we will share some of the links via campus care for your convenience.

  1. Assessments

The assessment schedule for all classes will undergo a change and re-structuring, based on the notification for re-opening of the schools.

 Kindly refer to the school website and the parent portal for any further updates.


Message from Principal and Jr School HM for new parents of Nursery to Class V

Message from Principal and Sr School HM for class VI and new parents classes VII & VIII

We thank you for your goodwill and support in these trying times.

Stay safe .


(Mallika Preman)