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Nursery (Pre-School) Admission (2014-2015)

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Holiday Homework SESSION: 2013-2014


Dear Parent

Holidays are always a welcome break from the normal routine and we all look forward to them. It gives us the opportunity to pursue all those activities that we enjoy but never found enough time to indulge in. So encourage your children to take up a hobby, a sport or learn an instrument in these vacations. Urge your children to read as the theme for this year is “Books are our Best Friends”. Take membership of a library so that your child learns to enjoy the company of good books.

Another important aspect of a child’s overall development is directly related to the values that he/she embodies. No education can be complete without inculcating values. In today’s materialistic world value system seems to have been relegated to the background. Therefore, we would like to encourage parents to spend time with their children during these holidays to bring clarity on moral and ethical values. In our effort to impress upon the students the importance of values in our life, we have dedicated a part of the holiday homework to values. Students are expected to know, observe, research, learn and practice the values that they choose as topic for their summer project.

Holiday homework has been designed in such a way that the students will get a chance to inculcate reading habit as well as engage themselves in meaningful pursuits that will enhance their comprehension and reasoning skills along with honing their aesthetic sense.

You are requested to download the holiday home work and guide your child accordingly.

We wish you a very happy and a fruitful family time during this vacation.

With regards,




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