Educational Visit to Rashtrapati Bhavan Museum by students of class XI B on 17 July 2018
Celebrating 12 July,the birth date of Malala Yousafzai,an activist from Pakistan supporting female education and  youngest recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize as Malala Day
Students were versed about the journey of Malala Yousafzai through videos
Students creatively depicted Slogans by Malala Yousafzai
Students of class VI A discussing about 'Shimla Water Crisis' on 04 July 2018
 In science class,Case study: 'Shimla water crisis' was taken up with students of class VI A.Discussion was done using Debono's Thinking Hats,followed by the understanding of rainwater harvesting technique using BALA-building as learning aid.

International SPIC MACAY Convention held at IIT Kharagpur from 03 June to 09 June 2018

Peehu Bharadwaj, Manya Kamat, Hrehaan Ahuja, Maalav Chakravorty and Puranjay Sharma accompanied by Mrs.Niela Hariharan had a cherishing experience at the International SPIC MACAY Convention held at IIT Kharagpur.

Fine arts students of class XI B visited Pearl Academy,Rajouri Garden for an Exclusive Preview to Pearl Portfolio’18 on 11 May 2018
Students of class VI C learning the concept of weaving a fabric using origami sheets on 08 May 2018

Students of class VI C did an activity in which using origami sheets, they understood the concept of weaving a fabric. An instructional video was used as a teaching resource.

Students of class IX performed the skit "Tota" in class to celebrate Rabindarnath Jayanti on 07 May 2018
Educational Visit to Purana Qila Monument by students of class VII on 2 May 2018

Students of class VII visited the Purana Qila monument on 2 May 2018 for an experiential learning. They had a first hand experience of watching live excavations being carried out at the site and were guided enthusiastically by the ASI team. They also visited the museum where the excavated remains of past were displayed.

History students of class XII Visited the excavation site at Purana Qila on 27 April 2018
Visit to National Museum by students of class XII B on 25 April 2018
Visit to Mahatma Gandhi Ek Pravasi Digital Museum by students of class X on 24 April 2018
On occasion of Earth day, Students engaged themselves in various activities

Public speaking and theatre Students of class VII celebrated Earth Day on 19 April 2018

Students of class VII celebrated Earth Day on 19 April 2018 and had a debate on " Is modernization of our lives helping or destroying our Earth". Along with this,they also did a Hindi Play on Saving our Earth.

Students of class X-C depicted slogans on Poly-bags

class 10

Students of class IX watched videos and painted T-shirts to celebrate Earth Day

Students of class VI were shown how to detect the presence of starch in food items using iodine solution on 16 April 2018
Students of class VI A observed the 3D globe and learnt how to calculate the angular distance from the center of the earth on 13 April 2018
Fine Art Students of class XII B recreated and interpreted the famous painting ‘Last Supper” by Leonardo Da Vinci on 16 March 2018

Class XII B Fine Art students recreated and interpreted the famous painting ‘Last Supper” by Leonardo Da Vinci. In an application based class room, students discussed the famous painting and reinterpreted and recreated it in the art studio. This is a feministic interpretation of the famous painting it is a fun and creative way to learn and experience work of art. This activity was developed by student themselves as a part of student driven learning.

Application based class XII march 2018

Visit to India Art Fair by Painting Students of class IX on 12 Feburary 2018
Visit to India Habitat Center by Painting students of class VIII on 6 February 2018

Painting students of class VIII visited The Visual Arts Gallery at the India Habitat Center on 6 Feb 2018.The Exhibition was on ‘India’s French Connection:Indian artists in France’.

Visit to National Museum and picnic at Nehru park by students of class VII on 01 February 2018
Visit to National Gallery of Modern Arts and Picnic at Nehru park by students of class VIII on 01 Feburary 2018
Visit to Gandhi Smriti by students of class VI on 01 Feburary 2018
 Visit to National Gallery of Modern Arts by students of class VII on 31 January 2018

On Wednesday ,31 January 2018 Art students of class VII along with Art teachers,went to NGMA(National Gallery of Modern Arts,New Delhi) to witness the inauguration and curated exhibition walk of the Art retrospective show of Indian master sculptor DHANRAJ BHAGAT titled " From Physical to spiritual".

Visit to Lodhi Garden by students of classes IX and X on 30 January 2018
Commemorating Martyr's Day on 30 January 2018

Students of classes VI-VIII observed Martyr's Day on 30 January 2018. Class VI wrote slogans given by Mahatma Gandhi , Class VII designed posters on Gandhiji's contribution to national movement and Class VIII designed posters on India of Gandhi's dreams. This was followed by a Speech by Sandeed Farooq, student of Class XI and two minutes silence was observed by the entire school.

Nature Walk by students of Class VI B to Identify Herbs , Shrubs and Trees on 13 December 2017
Heritage Walks

Heritage Walk for Students of class VIII to Kashmiri Gate and St.James Church,Delhi on 29 November 2017

Heritage Walk for Students of class VI to Agrasen ki Baoli,Delhi on 22 November 2017

Heritage Walk for Students of class VII to Qutub Minar,Delhi on 22 November 2017

Heritage Walk for Students of Class IX to Election Museum and Delhi's earliest Police Thana,Delhi on 17 November 2017

Heritage Walk for Students of Class X to Nizamuddin Dargah,Delhi on 17 November 2017

Visit to Indian Habitat Centre to Participate in Aravalii Utsav by class X Students on 8 November 2017

Class X students visited Indian Habitat centre to participate in Aravalii Utsav organized by WWF. Students learnt lot of interesting information about Aravalli ranges including its flora and fauna. There were many activities organized for the students and it was a fun filled learning experience for the students. 

Visit To "Radisson Blu Mahipalpur" by classes XI and XII Home Science Students on 12th August 2017

On Saturday, 12 August 2017, Home science students of class 11 and 12 visited Hotel Radisson Blu at Mahipalpur to experience the hospitality industry from the perspective of not only a customer but also the service provider.

The students were first familiarized with the hotel management and hospitality industry by a professor from Vedatya, the hotel management institute of the Radisson group. The students were informed of the career options that are available on completing a degree in hotel management and the various branches that form the hotel management course- namely house keeping, food and beverage services, food production and front desk.

This was followed by a visit to different types of rooms in the hotel namely the deluxe room, business class room, supreme room and the presidential suite.

After an overview of the rooms by the housekeeping department, the students visited the restaurants, amongst those the famous Kebab Factory, and the hotel kitchens to see the actual food production that takes place in various restaurants. They were briefed by the Executive chef of bakery, Indian restaurant, Thai restaurant, café NYC about the different steps that go into food production, the hygiene practices that they follow, food procurement, sorting among other things. We also got an opportunity to visit the butchery, fruits and vegetable section and washing areas in the kitchen. Additionally, we also visited the staff cafeteria where the hotel staff had their meal, and the menu was a stark contrast of what is available to the customers in the restaurants in Radisson.

Post our kitchen rounds, we were shown the laundry section of the hotel. The students were apprised of the various kinds of machines and their capacity, used for washing, dry cleaning, calendaring and ironing of clothes. They were also told about the process of collection of dirty laundry, sorting and tagging based on the room and eventual distribution of clean clothes to the customers.

Altogether, it was an enriching visit where the students got to see the back-end of hotel industry, and get first hand experience of this service industry.

Independence Day Interactive Session on Importance of Voting for class XII on 10th August'17

On 10th August the soon to be voters of the school were made aware of their responsibilities as voters. In an interactive session PGT (POL SC) , Mrs. Maitreyee Bhattacharya spoke to all four sections of class XII on the importance of the Right to Vote. They were also given instructions on how to apply for voter id online. 

Visit to "Air force Museum" by class VII for chapter experimental Learning on flying officer "Nirmal Jeet Singh sekhon" on 10 August 2017