Message in a Bottle


By Nicholas Sparks

This book is a second romantic novel written by American novelist and screen writer, Nicholas Sparks of “The Notebook “fame. The 1999 film, “Message in a Bottle “produced by and starring Kevin Costner is based on this novel.

This book takes you on an emotional and romantic journey into the lives of two people who find love again, after deep grief caused by love. Theresa Osborne , the female protagonist in the novel is a single mother and a struggling columnist in a leading publication .She is divorced and is disillusioned about romantic relationships. 

Garrett, a widower and a popular sailor , runs a sea club . He is still haunted by the loving memories of his wife, Catherine who died three years ago. Garrett writes love letters to her which he packs in a bottle and throws them far away and deep into the sea in a hope to reach her. 

One fateful day , one such letter in a bottle is found by Theresa while jogging on the beach.

Something which started initially as a column for the publication turned into a miraculous encounter that embraces all our hopes for finding someone special, for having a true and strong love that is timeless and everlasting.

The book read is worth an experience.

Bhawna Garg

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Adaptibility in one self is the medium to a wonderful living
    ( Book: Who moved my cheese by S. Johnson)

The  book ‘Who moved my cheese’ tells about the unexpected change that is beyond one's control, in which  ‘cheese’  is  a symbol of something one  wants, ie: happiness, security, financial resources. The message that  the author attempt to convey is that our future, success, security, and ultimately happiness is  within  our control.
The book tells about  the feelings of rejection and betrayal by the faceless ’Cheese Removers’. It raises many questions like, "What if I was depending on that cheese for future use".The  answer that it conveys is, ‘One has to go out and find more "cheese" for oneself ’, even though  one had or has  everything  or was just taken  away for no apparent reason. It's right, if change didn't happen the world we live in would be lifeless.

It is truly felt that  change is the must. There is a  regular cycle of change . As a  teacher, I feel that strategies that were once thought to be "out-of-this-world" are now seen as ordinary. The writing industry has shown us that there is an audience for just about anyone's ideas, no matter how  he writes. At school , we teachers are exposed to a brilliant medium of teaching through the use of latest technology. All this conveys our  chase  towards the better and fresh  ‘cheese’.

By: Madhu Pathania