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Visit to Brown University,U.S.A under Summer@brown programme by tGELF


Truly enchanting, that is exactly what comes to my mind whenever I reminiscence about my summer@brown experience. Since it was my first trip abroad everything was a point of learning for me, right from the immigration, to doing my own laundry, everything has taught me a lesson! 

Of course apprehension regarding how the programme would be like? Will I be able to make new friends? Will I feel homesick? Existed at the back of my mind but those thoughts soon disappeared on the first day itself! There is a different kind of atmosphere, filled with energy and enthusiasm at the Brown Campus. The students, staff and even the residents are extremely genial and always helped me whenever I lost track of the directions. 

My favourite part of the whole programme was making friends, with people from absolutely different cultural settings, during the course I was able to interact and make new friends not only from different, countries but from different continents. These are everlasting bonds and all of us are still in touch with each other over the internet. Another interesting thing about meeting new people at the Brown University, specifically my other classmates was that all of them were leaders in their own fields; each of them had an inspiring story to share. The story that inspired me the most was that of my course instructor, Ms. Cate Oswald. She left her home and life of comfort in the United States and moved permanently to work with an organization called Partners in Health in Haiti; her story left me in awe of her and has motivated my desire to work in the global health sector. 

There were a lot of different workshops, field trips and a challenge course for us during the period of the course, which sometimes did get exhausting, but in the end all of these activities really helped us in identifying ourselves as leaders and increased our enthusiasm. All the workshops were centred on the different types of leaderships, learning about the pros and cons of each type of leadership and in the end applying those learning’s at the challenge course and in our daily lives. 

One of the most important workshops was conducted by Dean Rose, on active listening. It was really an eye opening workshop about how most of the leaders are good orators but only a few of them are good listeners The workshop made me integrate her teachings into my daily life. 

Over the weekend, I planned a trip with a few of my friends to Boston, which was just an hour away. We visited the Boston common, Chinatown, Harvard University and a few churches. Again the trip to Boston has made me more independent and confident about myself. 

The last week was really hectic, with a lot more number of workshops and meeting the deadlines for the action plan but we sailed through it. 

The apprehensions had completely disappeared, but the sadness of saying goodbye to all the wonderful people I met there and all the wonderful experiences had taken place.

 Summer@brown will remain a journey that will be etched in my memory forever! 

I would like to thank tGELF for providing me with this wonderful opportunity and for guiding me at every step! 

Safina Amin
Class XI

Visit by teachers from our partner school Lycee Broceliande, Guer, France on 08 July 2014.
Tagoreans bagged Silver medal at the 16th Malaysian International Young Inventors Olympiad 2014 from 17-20 April 2014

Four students of class XI Sahitya Rajagopal, Shailja Kumar, M.Swetha and Nikita Arora along with Nishtha Ma’am participated in the Malaysian International Young Inventors Olympiad 2014 organized by Tun Syed Sheh Shahabudin Science Secondary School, University Sains Malaysia and Ministry of Education, Malaysia. They bagged Silver Medal for their project GREEN CITY. 

German teachers visited school on 15 April 2014
Ms. Shivanee Sen & Ms. Niela Hariharan along with nine students visited Pakistan under Exchange for Change programme from 5th Apr.'14-12th Apr.'14



This April, two teachers and nine students from Classes VIII, IX and XI visited Pakistan for an exchange program with Lahore Grammar School (LGS). It was a whirlwind eight-day trip, the highlight of which was the visits to two branches of LGS. Our students extensively toured both the schools, where they interacted with middle and senior school students, played cricket and basketball with them, attended classes, and watched LGS students perform plays and dances. Our students presented our school video to the LGS middle school Student Council, after which both groups became fast friends, with questions flying back and forth about the similarities and differences in life in the two countries. 

The rest of the trip was packed with visits to Lahore’s many historical sites and day trips to both the world-renowned salt mines in Khewra and Islamabad. An unexpected treat was our viewing of the famous Wagah Border ceremony from the Pakistani side. The group was delighted with the grandiose display; everyone’s cameras are completely full with pictures and videos! Lastly, one cannot talk about Pakistan without discussing their food and shopping. Our students spent hours in the various bazaars and markets of Lahore, sampling the delicious cuisine while buying unique gifts for everyone back home. 

This trip extinguished any misconceptions we had about Pakistan. We were feted, celebrated and welcomed with open arms. Some of the students didn’t want to come back! We look forward to many more such exchanges, where we can forge unbreakable bonds with our closest neighbour.