‘Kick Start Equality’ a campaign on gender neutrality and against any gender bias is yet another social awareness campaign started by the school in the year 2015. Through this campaign the students wish to spread awareness about the monstrosities that women have to suffer. The school has partnered with CEQUIN (Centre for equity and Inclusion) an NGO working on women empowerment with a rights based perspective.

 Kick Start Equality is a social media based campaign supported by on ground activities. Ten schools from Delhi are all working together for the cause of spreading awareness about violence against women, under the guidance of CEQUIN. Under the able leadership, the students of classes IX-XI are all actively involved and engaged in this campaign. Workshops are being conducted for classes VIII-XI where activities and group discussions take place. A soft board where articles and illustrations are pinned up regularly to keep students updated is manned by the members of the campaign. The school globe where students from various classes put up their opinions about violence against women is also updated regularly. 

Since Kick Start Equality is a social media based campaign, everything is posted online on the facebook page (CEQUIN-Kickstartequality). Students regularly post stories, pictures, and real life incidents to garner attention and get to share opinion. The intention is to grasp everyone’s attention and bring a shift in people’s attitude and mindset towards women. 

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Story Telling session for breaking gender stereotypes

Campaign members conducted a story session on 03 December 2019  for students of  grade III to break gender stereotypes and spread the message of gender fluidity by reinventing stories and fairy tale characters. They even discussed with the students about the various characters from children's cartoon movies like Marvel, Spiderman, Avengers and asked them to share their thoughts about each character and the role that each one plays. What do they see these roles and expressions as and how do they relate to these roles in real life. Also they went on to share behaviors and aspects of the famous Frozen characters to show that girls aren't always only doing pretty things or busy dressing up but they can also take on the world and be strong to fight their own battles. The message they sent across through this session was wide and clear. The kids were very observant throughout  the session and participated in the discussion with a lot of enthusiasm.

Workshop on 'Sexuality Education' was conducted by an organization 'Cry For Help' for the students of classes IX & XI on 10 July 2019
Sensitization session in July 2019
Our Kick start equality campaign heads, Vania Kapoor and Diya Bhardwaj, along with their team conducted a session with class III students during their library period in mid July. The session focused on breaking the stereotypical mindset related to gender. So these members, worked together, brainstorming ideas to create gender equality based stories. They started the session by asking how many boys play with barbies and how many girls play with bikes/cars. It was surprising to see a handful going up. This totally describes the parenting style and also the exposure the school gives to gender equality. They also reinvented stories like 'Cindrella' and gave the story a twist. The added a character, 'Godmother' who donates some money to cindrella for all the good deeds that she has been doing. Cindrella then uses that money to become an entrepreneur. She starts baking and makes a fortune. So this story emphasizes on this girl becoming her own master and excelling in her life by giving herself a career. Another story where they changed the enite theme of Disney land and gave each character a career. So one princess from Disney land was a space scientist and the other a navigator, etc.,
The students showed keen interest in the session and enjoyed every bit of it. The  members plan to organize more such sessions for classes IV and V too in the future.
Visit To Goonj on 09 December 2017

Happiness is in giving. Happiness is in bringing a smile to their faces. Their happiness is ours.

On Dec 9th, our students visited the Goonj collecting and processing centre, Sarita Vihar, New delhi. There,  Ms.Shuchi, our guide and coordinator, showed and guided the students   through the units where items like clothes, footwear, books are collected and processed. From there, these are sent to the rural areas where they are given to the underprivileged, not as charity, but as reward for their contribution to the social endeavours in their own locality.

A short visit to the Goonj centre proved to be a great experience. It made the students  realize how lucky they were to have access to all the resources, and how even a pencil can be a luxury that some people cannot afford.  Just knowing that they, as individuals, can make a big different in the lives of others, made them think about  ‘worthy  life’.

A week Long "Self Enhancement Programme " for the girl students of the middle and senior school was organized from 23 March to 31 March 2017 The programme included a one -hour 'Self Defense' training daily by Delhi Police personnel followed by an interactive session with experts on various aspects of physical, emotional, financial and spiritual well being.
Sessions on Gender Bias conducted for the middle school under Kick start Equality Campaign in February 2017
Dil Ki Suno , Kuch karo - Contribution Drive

“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.” With this ideology, the students of the KICK START EQUALITY campaign of our school along with the NGO Goonj organized a contribution drive called,-Dil ki Suno, kuch karo.”The drive began from 30th October and ended on 7th November. During this drive the students as well as the teachers of the school had to contribute wearable sarees for tribal women , who would use it as trousseaus on wedding, for day to day wear ,menstrual purposes etc. The campaign members ensured that all the students were informed by making announcements in each class and in the assembly. Thanks to all the teachers and students, the contribution drive turned out to be a huge success and just in a weeks time our campaign was able to collect 12 cartons full of sarees.

Celebrating girl child month the Kickstart Equality Campaign hosted a programme, 'Unite' on 18 November 2016


The Kickstart Equality Campaign hosted a programme, "Unite", on 18th November 2016, celebrating Girl Child Month. The campaign showcased a heart-wrenching dance-drama, a song with a pleasing melody and a powerful meaning, and an eye-opening movie. The highlight of the programme, however, was the beat-boxing match by students of our school. The effort put in by the students was much appreciated by the audience..

Students interviewing parents to understand their views on gender equality on 03 September 2016


An event organised by CEQUIN to showcase Kick Start Equality campaign at the Australian High Commission on 10 December 2015


Kickstart Equality, an Innovative Student-led campaign for Gender Equality and Non-discrimination under the aegis of the NGO, CEQUIN-The Centre for Equity and Inclusion led by Sara Pilot is an ongoing programme for the school this year. On 10 December 2015, in commemoration of the Human Rights Day, the campaign concluded with much fanfare at the Australian High Commission. The school put an art installation which depicted women’s plight under the Panchayati Raj system of India. It projected the difficulties and emotions that women go through before finding an equal footing with men. The students also performed a street play- ‘Aazad Bharat Ki Gulam Tasveer’, encapsulating the theme of equality and non-discrimination.

Flash Mob in support of ‘Kick Start Equality’ at DLF Saket on 29 November 2015

We did it again!

Students along with CEQUIN and nine other schools in Delhi put up a Flash Mob in support of their campaign ‘Kick-start Equality’ at DLF Saket. Through this upbeat performance we put forward our point, that women are no longer inferior to men, that they have broken the chain of inequality and oppression and risen to a new status. The song ‘Break the Chain’ apart from being a catchy tune was applauded for its wordings. It was a raging success which left many thinking about the condition of women and their importance in our society and need to do uplift it. 

Visit our Facebook Page Kickstartequality-CEQUIN to show your support.

For video, click here

Special screening of ‘Half the Sky’ held on 20 October 2015
It was a documentary that lays bare the horrendous story of transgenerational prostitution in India. It tells the tale of efforts by Urmi Basu; working in Kalighat, Kolkata, she works towards rescuing young girls from the cycle of prostitution and educating them.
Undeniably, there are billions of women living in brothels, who're so numb with pain that they are unaware that there is a life beyond the closed walls they are bound by, where they lead a life of sexual exploitation. Amidst such huge numbers, changing a few lives seems insufficient and non-impactful. Yet, the creators remind us that it does indeed make a difference; it makes a difference to that one female who is now freed, who is not daily sexually exploited, who now has the opportunity to complete her education and fulfil her ambitions,and above all, live a life of dignity.
The screening of the documentary was preceded by a presentation of awards by Justice Seth, to women who have overcome obstacles in their own lives, and are now helping other weaker sections to lead a better life, including poor women and children. 
It was a wonderful and inspiring opportunity, and the documentary will have one drowning in tears.